Saturday, 4 August 2012


When my children were very little, I told them some little white lies. Silly things, like calling chimneys “cloud-makers”. Today, Babe asked me, where do clouds really come from?

Well… sez I…. the sun heats the water and it evaporates into the air. You can’t see it because it is invisible. Then the air goes up into the sky, all by itself because warm things rise. Then when it gets high enough, it cools down and the water in the air makes clouds. When the clouds get full, they let the water out and it comes down as rain, and the rain goes into the rivers to get sucked up by the sun again…

My daughter looked at me. She looked at a chimney, with it’s very obvious “cloud” of smoke coming out and drifting up into the sky. She consider my story of invisible, levitating, magical water.

“Uh-huh…” she sez, and makes the “are you fecking kidding me?” face:


I don’t think she believes me at all.

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