Saturday, 7 July 2012

What shape is your kid?

Bear with me on this one. Sandy and I were discussing this the other day. “What shape is Thing Two?” she asked. Eh? People shaped. “No, not physical shape… if you had to describe her as a shape, what shape is she?”

Sandy’s son is apparently a spike shape. He’s very calm and even to outsiders but spends all his time poking and prodding, irritating and digging – for information, for attention, for anything. Her daughter, Flower, is a heart shape. She is pure emotion, wears her heart on her sleeve and sentiment rules her life.

What a concept. People as shapes. Hmmm….

I think Thing One is an isosceles triangle. She has very specific rules, and tries to fit in but there’s occasionally a jarring space where she doesn’t quite gel with society. Once you accept the way she is, then she’s really easy to get along with.

Thing Two is a square. She is incredibly easy to get along with and fits in literally everywhere. Imagine a square turning over… it slowly lifts and rotates on its corner then flomps over all at once… this is how she works. She will hang back and assess things, and once she has got the measure of it she embraces it wholeheartedly.

The Babe is a star. She is everywhere, madly whirring from one thing to another, a finger in every pie, and she’s a bit blind to the pokes and prickles that she may accidentally deal out to those in her way. She meeans well, and she lights up a room, but those sharp edges need blunting and she needs to slow down.

So, what shape would you use to describe your child?

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