Thursday, 5 April 2012

Puppy plus

The puppy is now about 18 months old, and he has failed MANY an IQ test. Even putting a cushion over a biscuit is enough to flummox him. He thinks my bed eats me every night so he attacks the duvet to protect me. So when we saw that Shih Tzus were among the thickest dogs on the planet, we weren’t surprised.

So obviously we had to test this, right? The Babe got every single tin, can and jar out of the cupboard and set up a square. I popped the dog in, and he looked at me. And stepped out.

“No! Put him back until he gets it RIGHT!” Says Babe.

Uh, he just did…?

So I put him back. He waits until she isn’t looking and pops out with a long suffering sigh. This just won’t do. So Babe gets in the square.

“Come on Mummy, put some toys outside for me.” she says, demonstrating the correct way to fail the test.

I think she may be part shih tzu…

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