Saturday, 7 April 2012


They are all on their guard on April Fool’s Day. They don’t know that pranks can be pulled any day of the year…

So I did the old “hold a (plastic!) cup against the ceiling with a broom”; except I popped a bit of string in the cup instead of water. I called down Thing Two – I’ve caught a spider, will you just hold this while I deal with it?”

So she holds the broom handle which is holding the cup against the ceiling. I walk away. She mostly realises that I’ve just pulled a fast one, but a little bit unsure about the possibility of a spider so she giggles nervously, looking up and not letting go. Eventually, obviously, she moves, the cup falls, the string falls out onto her head, Thing Two shrieks…. all is well with the world, right?

The Babe SCREAMS and runs out of the room quicker than lightning. She is halfway up the stairs shrieking about tarantulas. She is hysterical, tears are pouring, fear is written all over her tiny face. And I… I am laughing like a jackass, too curled up to be a parent and calm my child who is shaking her head at me, mouthing the words “I can’t go in there….”

Two for one, zing!

I am a bad, bad mother….

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