Friday, 14 October 2011

This is not a panic post

So as you might have gathered from the oh-so casual use of the word “school” yesterday… where Babe is already failing tests, natch… Babe started school. Proper big school. Big School, peeps! And I’m all blasé, because it’s, like, school, meh, I’ve already seen a few kids through school, it ain’t no biggie, right?

Thing Two also started new BIG school this term. Big, like senior school. As I said, big school, not a big deal. Been there, done that, I got a kid already did that.

Thing One started her exam years at school, the proper big exams stage. No big deal, really. I’m cool, I’m laid back, I’m mellow, guys.

Thing One, y’know, she’ll be leaving school after her exams. Taking a driving test. Getting a job. Going to uni. Leaving home.

It’s okay.

I’ll just sit here in my corner, rocking, with my thumb in my mouth.

(School. How on earth is Babe at school? And how on earth is Thing Two at senior school? And how on earth am I talking about Thing One leaving school?)

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