Thursday, 20 October 2011


I am such a sloth. It’s incredibly embarrassing to admit, but housework and I are not on speaking terms. I’m the kind of person who can sweep a room with a glance and call it done. I think of “dust” as a noun, not a verb – in fact I adopt dust bunnies. I also hoard. These two in combination is not pretty.

However, in aid of Eve’s fund, I was forced to enter cupboards of doom yesterday. Cupboards that have been wedged closed and not opened in a decade. Cupboards I had to fight through sixteen boxes of stuff to get to. Boxes of stuff that eventually made me throw my hands up and exclaim heresy for. Heresy such as “WHO needs THIS many books????”.

I know I’ve mentioned the books on here before. Suffice to say that was several years ago; several years in which I have not disposed of a single book and have actually bought many, many, many more. Seriously… I estimated there are 5000 books in my bedroom alone. Yes, I checked the zeroes in that sentence. No I didn’t add an extra one.

However, I have decluttered now, and I have found loads of stuff that we will be selling at a car boot sale on Sunday. Weirdly enough, there isn’t a single book in there. Funny how that worked out. I tried, but they all whimpered and wanted a cuddle just at the thought of leaving home. I do, however, have a huge pile of “to be read” books, so it was worth it, eh?

(This started out as a diatribe against my houseworking skills and ended up being distracted by books. Pretty much as my housekeeping actually happened yesterday. Art imitating life and all that.)

Eve’s fund is on my blog, up on the right. Cheers, my lovelies!

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