Saturday, 15 October 2011

Eve’s Fairy Tale

Dawn is one of Babe’s best friends; she and Flower are in the same class at school (a year ahead of Babe because of the September split) and the three of them have a lot of fun together. I love bringing Babe into the playground every morning and hearing Dawn and Flower yell “Babe!” and they all hug and kiss each other and go off to play. After school, Flower and Dawn wait for Babe after class and they go haring off to play chase while we mums smile indulgently at them. Sometimes Flower and Babe run too fast for Dawn and they get told off; sometimes Dawn runs them down and she gets told off because she can really hurt them if her wheels go over their toes. Oh, did I forget that bit? Dawn uses a wheelchair.

I have used related pseudonyms all the way through my blog, so “Dawn” is really Eve. Eve has spina bifida and hydrocephalus. She is the happiest and most loving child you can imagine, although she has her moments – her body may be a bit battered but her mind is as sharp as a tack! She’s an incorrigible flirt and will bat her lashes at any man and pretend helplessness in order to get a carry and a cuddle. She’s pretty cool, actually.

eve 3 elm

This is Eve this summer at her aunt’s wedding and with Flower and Babe on Babe’s first day of school. She’s gorgeous, right?

She’s had so many operations and scans and needles and medical intervention her whole life that she can smell “hospital” on people now, which is pretty impressive.

Eve was at the hospital on Thursday and she needs more surgery. She needs to have her hip pinned because it is dislocated permanently. She needs to have both her feet in casts to try and pull them into shape. She needs botox in her feet. She has a lesion in her femur where her bones are becoming fibrous, which will lead to bone thinning, breakage, osteoporosis and all sorts of issues. And she’s only five.

There’s a way to slow down that bone thinning, you know. If she got a special bike she could exercise her legs in a safe way; school would dearly love her to get this bike, and the doctors say she needs it. Neither of them can pay for it and it costs over a thousand pounds. That’s really not a massive amount of money – if all of you reading this gave a pound, we’d be able to raise that easily. Over there, on your right at the top, there’s a button to donate to Eve’s exercise fund. If you wanted to, no pressure :)

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