Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Well *I* didn’t break my baby this time

She did it all by herself. Fell down the stairs, flomp. Bang. SCREAM. Quick trip to A&E when she couldn’t put her foot down. Quick = 3 hours. X-ray of ankle clear. Go home. Next day, ankle bruised, swollen, still not weight bearing. ‘Nother quick trip to A&E. 2 hours. X-rayed from hip to toe. Nada. She’s bruised her bones (I used to think that was a made up illness, like cooties). Back at hospital tomorrow. In the meantime, she can’t walk at all and we’re having to carry her literally everywhere. She sits on the sofa, bored out of her mind, whining. “Mummy can I have…. uuuuhhhh…..”

Wanna bet how long my patience will last? (Hint; bet SMALL, people, SMALL!).

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