Monday, 4 October 2010

Puppy Diary 4

Kibble is fast becoming one of the biggest benefits of this incarceration. I even get some at mealtimes now, which is a vast improvement on the mush they used to serve.

They took me back to the kibble place this week, but the nasty torturer this time didn’t give me kibble when she nipped my neck so I cried a little. Then they gave me a BIG nip on my neck but that time they must have felt guilty and gave me kibble so it was alright. They said the BIG nip was a “chip”, but I’ve seen chips on the smaller jailers’ food and there’s no way they stuck one of those huge things in me. I had a good sniff and scratch just in case. If they stuck food in my neck I wanted it out! It might be good, like kibble!

They did get new shackles. They made jokes about getting a pink sparkly shackle but luckily they decided to be sensible. Or so I thought. They attached a long “lead” to my neck shackle, which is not at all sensible! So I bit it and worried at it. Then they took it off.

I have deciphered quite a few of their bird noises now, but I shall pretend to remain ignorant so that they can’t tell me to do things. They keep making silly noises like “no” – often followed by the word “biting”. They do this when I investigate things like wicker baskets and fingers. I shall ignore them.

I have had some success with training the littlest one to understand a proper language. She now knows that “cry” or “head on side” means feed me. She isn’t very intelligent because she also thinks that “sleeping”, “exercising”, “researching escape routes” all mean feed me. I don’t think I shall tell her any different because it’s one way to get extra kibble.

Note to self; crying makes them feel bad and they give me kibble.
Note to self; bite the “lead” to make them rescue it and leave me alone.

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