Thursday, 9 September 2010

Puppy Diary

Day One: My Captors appear quite terrifyingly huge. I show no fear. There is a cage cell with a bed and water in it, but it seems that I am allowed to roam in the prison freely and cell times are erratic. I cannot trust these captors who seem so capricious. As night falls I manage to pin one down and I fall asleep on their chest, refusing to use the bed in the cell.

Day Two: My frustrations at this confinement are hard to bear. Sometimes I yell at my captors. When I do this they punish me by carting me to an outside area with giant hundred foot high walls. No chance of escape. I show my displeasure by squatting and pooping on their land. The captors respond with wild whoops, bashing their massive paws together and chanting in high pitched voices. The noises they make are hard to understand... it sounds like “Goo’ Bay-lee!” Some sort of incantation I suppose.

Day Three: One of the captors is much smaller than the others, and doesn’t make as many weird bird-like noises. It is possible I could teach this one to communicate. This one appears to spend a great deal of time on the floor, manipulating plastic objects, so I am able to climb onto its legs and look at its face. When I do, it also repeats the incantation from yesterday… “Goo’ Bay-lee…”. I’m not sure what this means.

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