Friday, 10 September 2010

Puppy Diary 2

Day Four: I have met some fellow inmates. They are unnecessarily hostile and repel all my friendly overtures with hisses and slaps. I am beginning to think they are Stool Pigeons, since I have seen them cosy up to the Captors in a very friendly manner, purring and getting extra rations in exchange.

Day Five: I have been attempting to access some of the higher places in the prison, namely the Captors seating area. They tend to congregate there while viewing the box-with-lights-and-sounds (some sort of communication device?). However the high places are just too high and even taking a running start and jumping as high as I could, I still bumped my head on it. The high place (seems to be called a “so-far” in their bird-noises) remains out of reach for now….

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