Tuesday, 29 June 2010


And, in other news, worthy of a stand-alone post because this is Big News Indeed.

Thing Two has been chosen as Star Pupil.

Now I know this means nothing to you so I shall explain. She has been chosen, of all the children in the school, as this week’s Star. Starriest of all the children, or “pupils”. See how that works? Clever, huh? In practical terms, it means she gets to go to lunch early every day with a friend – so is currently very popular with everyone begging to be chosen – and she gets to wear a natty waistcoat that is passed from Star to Star every week, and worn over her uniform.

Well done Thing Two, honey.

*(Is it awful that my first thought was “I hope someone has washed that damn waistcoat”?)

**(And I’m pretty sure Thing Two is most chuffed because Thing One was never chosen, so now Thing Two has one-upped her. Ah, sisterly love…)

Disney Dilemma

Thing One is away in another country again. You may notice my calm poise, especially compared to last year’s hysteria. This is because Thing One is now a teenager and therefore the bane of my life. So, calm. Poised. Mature.



Since she’s coming home tomorrow, she’s just now deciding to buy souvenirs, natch. So she texts me…. wait, sidetrack. Bloody teenagers and their bloody phones. She’s cost me over £60 in overseas charges. Forty seven texts so far today! Bring back the days of no mobiles, eh?… so she texts me.

What does Babe want from Disneyland?


Who is her favourite character?


Choose one!



Fine… so I ask Babe what she wants. She tells me she’d like a Daisy Duck.

There aren’t any. Does she want a Minnie?

No. A Duck.

There aren’t any… choose something else.

A duck.

How about a mouse?


It’s the mouse or nothing.

Fine. I’ll have a Goofy….