Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Itchy scratchy

I’ve spent the last few nights ensuring that the dog formerly known as the Nightmare Before Christmas is all clean and bug free. It’s left me a little… itchy. You know how you can’t hear about lice and nits without scratching your head? (Oh, are you itchy? Sorry.) As I was saying, lice and nits. (Heh. I just did it that time for kicks.) Fleas. Fleas make my skin crawl. So I have come home and am about to forgo my lovely hot bubbly bath that helps me sleep for a cool power shower that wakes me up.

Posh: What, no bath?
Me: Well, no. I want to wash the wee imaginary beasties away not sit and give ‘em swimming lessons.
Me: So I shall shower... wash hair... go to bed with wet hair... look like scarecrow in the morning.
Me: Scare small children in the street.
Posh: And have mouldy pillows.
Me: And inhale said mould nightly over time and get lung disease. Marvellous.

I don’t actually have time to re-wash my hair tomorrow morning, since I {sob} have no car so will have to be up and out early to walk everywhere. The car suspension broke today.

Himself: Did you drive over a pot-hole??
Me: Tcccch. No! I’m not that crap a driver. However, say there was a pot-hole… could I sue the council for car repairs?
Himself: No.
Me: Then no, there was no pot-hole. Must be just one of those weird random things, eh?

Himself drove like a maniac around to the garage at 2 miles an hour which is all the suspension would allow, to catch the mechanic before they closed. He barely made it, so he told the guy to just order the parts, cost is immaterial. He said that. To a mechanic. I did wonder why he didn’t just say here, have my credit card, the deeds to my house and my first-born child.

Then I realised that he has no credit-card and no-one in their right mind would want our first-born.

We may have to move, though.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth be with you…

Ok. Silly things make me laugh, and I liked that!

We’ve had a cultural invasion. French exchange students arrived today. If I’m not back in a few days, send baguettes and fromage.

Au revoir!