Thursday, 29 April 2010

UTI Result

Just a post-script to this. Babe was scheduled for a DMSA scan in March. We had to be there at 9am, so they could put an anaesthetic cream on, and wait in the playroom while it worked. The play therapist remembered us… this may be because I spent Babe’s hospital visit cutting out and laminating Christmas decorations!

After the cream had numbed her, they injected a small amount of radioactive chemical into her, which was over with in a couple of minutes. Then we were sent off for another hour. Sigh.

The actual scan was simple. It took fifteen minutes of so, while Babe lay very still on the big machine but they put a movie on to distract her and she was fine.

The results took a month to come in and show that her right kidney has been scarred and she has lost almost a fifth of its function. However her left kidney is working harder to compensate and they are going to keep a close eye on her blood pressure for the next few years, so it is nothing to worry too much about.

And, she is now off the prophylactic antibiotics she’s been on since December, so yay!

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