Thursday, 28 January 2010

Day 28 in the Big Messy House

Himself has become a Celebrity Big Brother widower. I’m caught between shame (I rarely watch television* and am kind of amazed that I’ve got caught up in a reality show) and piddling myself laughing. Watching an adult dressed as a chicken being tackled by an adult dressed as a pig was classic television!

I suppose ya’ll need an update or something too. Well… Babe is doing ok at Pre-School. I picked her up today and she nuzzled into my neck and said “Mummy I cried for you!” and broke my heart a little but you know. Sob. She’s enjoying it mostly. I’m not coming home and watching crap TV (OMG have you ever watched Jeremy Kyle**?? That boy was sooo lying, the git) and aimlessly kicking up dust and watching the clock to go get her. Sigh.

Nightmare before Christmas Dog is wonderful. He’s finally healthy enough to come meet our dog, so we introduced them yesterday. Our dog snarled at him. He sniffed our dog’s butt. Our dog sat down so his butt was out of reach. I gave them both a biscuit. Then they had a sniffle of butts again. That’s enough for day one. I’m sure they’ll be great friends.

Kittens are doing great. They have a secret stash of cotton buds somewhere, and keep dragging one out to play with which is driving me insane. No idea what the obsession is. It’s like kitty crack. I have images of Tiz sidling up to a big shady cat with a scar down one ear, sniffing suspiciously and rubbing his nose with his paw, trading catnip for ruddy EARBUDS.

Thing One asked me today if she could go to boarding school. I asked if Borstal counted. At dinner, she decided that she was no longer my daughter. I said she certainly is, I remember pushing her out! Himself added “Yeah. And I remember pushing you out a few months earlier!” Eeew, Honey. Way TMI there.

The Babe was feeding the dog a biscuit yesterday, and dropped it. She bent over to pick it up and he sniffled her hair. “Gerrof! I not food!” (OK, that made me laugh anyway).

Thing Two is planning a gymnastics display for a school assembly next week. The child who broke her arm trick or treating. The child who once tripped and fell into a brick wall. The child who can fall over oxygen atoms in the air. Gymnastics. Huh.

And. Today marks six years. Still missing you every day, sis.

*I’m not a TV snob, I just can’t see it from where the computer is and the Internet wins out every time).

**See? Definitely not a TV snob.

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