Saturday, 12 December 2009


Himself borrowed my car… my beloved, almost new car… and it wouldn’t start for him. Leaving it outside the hospital all week had obviously done the battery no favours. He grabbed a mate, bought some cheap jump leads and tried to jump it. Mate’s Jeep Cherokee and our Voyager. Put the leads on, started the engine and WHOOSH. Flames. Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap. Pull the leads off quickly before the cars themselves go up.

Himself called me. “Mate put the leads on wrong. Sigh.”

Mate drove back to me. “Himself put the leads on wrong. Sigh.”

Called out Green Flag (and boo-yah to those who told me I’d made the biggest mistake going with them this year, they turned up in twenty minutes and had him back on the road in a few minutes more. Hah.) Green Flag laughed himself almost sick. He said that the two powerful cars and the cheap leads had been a recipe for disaster, the surge of the engine had simply ripped through the thin leads. Oh well. At least it stopped Himself and Mate blaming each other to me.

Himself drove my car back to me. Hurrumph. I took great pleasure in pointing out the Heavy Duty jump leads in the boot….


The Babe has finished the Augmentin and has started on the prophylactic antibiotics. So far so good. Fingers crossed no more infections!

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