Thursday, 31 December 2009


OK, my Epiphany might be five days early according to the calendar. But when the tree actually collapsed under the weight of the kittens climbing it once too often, my Good Idea – or Epiphany, geddit?? – was to put the damn decorations away already!

We have had an amazing Christmas. Finally, a white Christmas, too. I’m so sick of snow, though. It’s cold, and wet and icy and I think moving nearer the equator may solve a lot of problems next year… Although, for the first time in years, I did NOT have a cold over Christmas. Probably because I had a real humdinger of a cold while Babe was in hospital at the start of the month (so much so that I was terrified to sleep in case I snored*, so stayed awake for three full days straight).(*OK, you know that EVERYONE snores when they have a cold, so don’t point and jeer at me. Huff).

I hope you have all had a wonderful Holiday season, whatever you celebrate, and wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2010.

Joyous Erastide.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Suck Up

Thing One wants something.

She has tidied her room. Played with The Babe. She is setting the table as I type. She is co-operating with Thing Two. She has already done her homework. She has begged me to make dinner so it is ready when Himself comes home. She has made him a fabulous pudding.

In short, she is Sucking Up Big Time.

“What will you do when he says no?” I ask.


“And when he still says no?”


“And when he still says no?”


“And when he still says no?”

“Scream that he is ruining my life and strop up to my room all evening.” She taps the side of her nose and winks. “See? I have a game plan.”

Saturday, 12 December 2009


Himself borrowed my car… my beloved, almost new car… and it wouldn’t start for him. Leaving it outside the hospital all week had obviously done the battery no favours. He grabbed a mate, bought some cheap jump leads and tried to jump it. Mate’s Jeep Cherokee and our Voyager. Put the leads on, started the engine and WHOOSH. Flames. Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap. Pull the leads off quickly before the cars themselves go up.

Himself called me. “Mate put the leads on wrong. Sigh.”

Mate drove back to me. “Himself put the leads on wrong. Sigh.”

Called out Green Flag (and boo-yah to those who told me I’d made the biggest mistake going with them this year, they turned up in twenty minutes and had him back on the road in a few minutes more. Hah.) Green Flag laughed himself almost sick. He said that the two powerful cars and the cheap leads had been a recipe for disaster, the surge of the engine had simply ripped through the thin leads. Oh well. At least it stopped Himself and Mate blaming each other to me.

Himself drove my car back to me. Hurrumph. I took great pleasure in pointing out the Heavy Duty jump leads in the boot….


The Babe has finished the Augmentin and has started on the prophylactic antibiotics. So far so good. Fingers crossed no more infections!

Saturday, 5 December 2009


When you have a baby you always think you’ll remember everything. You’ll remember their first step, their first word, their first laugh, their first tooth. I’m here to tell you, you won’t. Even the really important stuff, you won’t remember. Write it down!

That’s what I use this blog for, an aide-memoire, hence this entry which is more for me than you. You just get to share it, lucky you!

So. Babe has been ill off and on since September. She has seen the doctor on 4 separate occasions – 24th Sept, 22nd Oct, 23rd Nov and 2nd Dec. All with exactly the same problem – soaring temperature, shaking, throwing up, and pain in her stomach. All showing positive on urine dip test for nitrates, leukocytes etc but only one culture actually positive. All treated with antibiotics – Trimethoprim first, then two lots of Cephalexin and then Augmentin.

2nd December, she was seen at one of her worst points. She was shaking (rigors), almost unconscious and boiling hot – around 39.7c. They gave her Nurofen and admitted her to hospital. Once she got there, the meds kicked in, her temp dropped and she was racing around playing. Sigh. They had to wait for the Nurofen to wear off so they could see her at the “bad” stage. So a few hours later, again with the rigors, temperature in the 39s and so on.

At this point they needed to take a blood culture, so I held her up, as she threw up on one side and they inserted a needle in the other. She screamed, just once, as the needle went in…

Babe stayed in hospital for three days, on IV Augmentin, trying to get her temperature stabilised. Her highest ever temp is 41.3c and she didn’t get close to that this time, thankfully. She whimpered slightly as they did the antibiotics but was otherwise a star patient the entire time.

She’s had a scan on her kidneys, bladder, liver, pancreas and spleen and she is physically fine inside. No abnormalities, no Polycystic Disease. They are muttering about upper UTI now – pyelonephritis, a kidney infection - rather than a lower UTI like cystitis. She’s home now, with oral Augmentin and we go back in two weeks to attend the UTI clinic.

My sister Sharon’s primary cause of death on her death certificate? Pyelonephritis.