Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Count to Ten

Every time I start to think Thing One is vaguely normal, she demonstrates just why she got landed with the ASD label.

T’other day we parked our car outside a neighbour’s house. Maybe “neighbour” is a bit of a stretch but they do technically live on the same street even if they do live at the other end of it. Thing One glanced at the house.

“That’s 13” she stated. I glanced over. No, it isn’t. It’s 48.

“Not the house number. Just the number!” she sighed.

I obviously looked confused.

“This is a 13. That’s a 12. We live in an 11. That’s a 12, and that one, that one over there is a 13, this one is just a 9….

She has categorized... and memorised… every house in the street. According to the number of visible panes of glass.

Ok then!

And just to prove to us that she isn’t weird, she later admitted to counting:
1. The number of door handle screws in the house.
2. How many patterns in the wallpaper.
3. How many indents in the radiator.
4. The raised bumps on the bathroom stool.
5. The dots on our placemats.
6. The colours in her bedroom (She can’t match Phoebe’s 66…)

At least now I don’t just think she is a bit strange.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I am seriously considering changing my name by Deed Poll to “Will You Just Get On With It Already”. Wygowia for short. All month I’ve been MEANING to swing by, but… you know. Busy, busy, busy. Or, not busy but lazy. One of those.

I just looked back at last November and not much has changed anyway. Guy Fawkes? Check. Birthday? Check. Colposcopy? Dammit, check (it’s tomorrow, eek). Hell, I’ve even had a haircut and been to the dentist. I feel like Groundhog Year just happened.

fireworks-2009 Fireworks!

Thing Two had a parents evening at school. I cried. Sniffle. The teacher used every superlative in the book and then some. Apparently my daughter is reliable, friendly, responsible, neat, intelligent and – QUOTE! - “I wish my own daughter could be like her”. So proud.

On the other hand. Thing One took part in a group dance competition at school. Inter college thing. She’s been AWOL most of the term with late nights and early starts for rehearsals. The competition was today. She didn’t text me the result, so I knew her team had either done spectacularly well or abysmally poor. I’m not allowed to tell you where she placed but here’s a hint. She didn’t win… Heh.

Happy Tenth Birthday Thing Two!

Double figures now, Sweetie. And no broken arm this year, woohoo!