Monday, 19 October 2009


It ain’t no better, neither.* Apparently I have something called Dry Socket, which I think is Latin for OMFG-IT-HURTS-IT-HURTS-IT-HURTS". I also have an ulcer right on the tip of my tongue, which comes under the header “Kick Me While I’m Down”.

However, I have realised – belatedly, I know – that chocolate could well be included in the “mush” category of food. This is good. Obviously. I have had a slight chocolate addiction ever since I developed hormones and will happily self-medicate with it at a push. Gentle shove. Nudge. Heck, just look at me!

Ally mentioned today that she is also addicted to chocolate. This didn’t surprise me.  I actually assumed all sane, rational women were. Otherwise we wouldn’t be sane or rational.

And especially not sane or rational when in pain. Oh my tooth… gap… hole thingy. I need another Flake to make myself feel better…

*So if a double negative is a positive, a triple negative is… ?**

**This one is here for no reason. I just missed my footnotes. So, how’ve you been?

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