Saturday, 10 October 2009

Hole Not Whole

So. Anyway. Okay.

This? Became a nightmare of epic proportions. Sadist did try and do that root canal but couldn’t access the front root. So having gone through the whole drilling and pulling out root thing, Sadist had to resort to yanking. Except yanking became breaking, became cutting, became levering, became foot on chair, sweating, shaking hell on Earth.

I thought it was strange when the dental nurse offered me a mirror and a wet cloth afterwards until I looked in the mirror and had to wash bits of gum out of my eyes. Blood everywhere. Bits of shattered tooth and gum everywhere. Texas chainsaw massacre had nothing on me.

I’m living on painkillers and Heinz mush. I have regressed to childhood and am eating tomato soup with white bread soaked in and tinned spaghetti – which is actually pretty yummy. No idea why I grew up and stopped eating them. I’m getting zero sympathy but lots of voyeuristic “show us the hole then, eeuurrggghh that’s gross”.

And I just want to say I told you so. I told you dental work was terrifying. Now do you believe me??

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