Sunday, 27 September 2009


That is The Babe, lying on my bed this morning, feigning sleep. She lay there, eyes closed, snoring “horseshoe”. Really. “Horse-shoooe”. Try it.

She’s had One Of Those Weeks, actually. I have mentioned her ability to rival Vesuvius… several times… since she decides any illness, no matter how mild, is no fun without a fever. So she topped the forties again. We got very little sleep, so come Sunday morning we just wanted a little snooze, a little lie-in, with her giggling “horse-shoe” between us. Sigh.

The Babe has been coming to work with me recently. I work in a pre-school so it is a lot of fun for her. Her best friend, Flower, also started Nursery School this term.

Flower: Babe, what’s your teacher called?
Babe: Mummy.
Flower: No.. your TEACHER. Who is your teacher?
Babe: MY MUM.
Flower: Noooo! Sigh. Mydonna, who is Babe’s teacher?
Me: I am.

Flower is absolutely disgusted that we don’t appear to know the difference between mummies and teachers.

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