Wednesday, 30 September 2009


As usual, I go to the Primary School to collect Thing Two. I wander blithely into the playground to be met by a confused smile from Fay.

“Why are you here??” she asks.

Oh. I arranged for Thing Two to be collected by Fay to play with her children after school, didn’t I? I don’t actually need to be at school, do I? The worst thing is, I do this every time. I’m a ditz. Grrr.

Oh well. I’ll go to the Senior School to collect Thing One from her after school club (who is currently grounded and getting collected from clubs instead of sauntering home when she feels like it). I’m a bit early, but I can just wait outside, it’s a nice day.

I arrive. Find a spot to settle. Settle down. Flick through a magazine. My phone buzzes with a text (currently the Boing Boing song from Dora the Explorer.) (What’s wrong with that??) from Thing One. “Club cancelled. On bus home.”



I just wasted an hour trailing around schools. I am a numpty.

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