Friday, 11 September 2009


Took the offspring to “The Greatest Show On Earth” (TM) last night. The older two go most years, but this was The Babe’s first time. She loved it, right up to Intermission when “Me go home now, me tired, let’s go now. Now. Now peeeeeaaaase.” Then Pedro the Clown came on and she laughed so much the entire Big Top resounded with toddler giggles. Thank you Pedro!

At one point, the entire ring went black. A shadow appeared and a single spotlight illuminated the Man in Black. Black leather trenchcoat, chains on his black trousers and tight fitting black shirt displaying his rippling six pack. Like the hunkiest Matrix actor. He brooded between his lashes at us, and then a small white ball appeared in his hand. Anticipation. Is he a magician? A daredevil? What is about to happen? And then he bounced his little ball. You’re kidding. Matrix hunk’s show is BOUNCY BALLS??? Funniest (even though admittedly very skilful) thing ever.

We also bought some candyfloss. The Babe: “Me try it! Not want yours! Me want my OWN!” I pulled a small piece of the stick and offered it to her. “Euurgghhh, no, it’s FLUFF! It’s HAIR! It’s DISGUSTING!” Don’t want your own anymore, huh? She still mentioned it this morning and still thinks we are gross for eating hairy fluff.

(Ouch - kitten just fell backwards off my lap, digging his claws in to try and save himself. My leg is bleeding. Going now. Owww.)

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