Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Camp Rock

We did try that “sleeping in a field” thing again, and… it wasn’t that bad actually. The Babe had to stay in the car until we were set up so she didn’t trip on the ropes again, the dog went to kennels, we checked the weather forecast and we used nice new tent.

                   tent Camp

Sunny and warm, we camped next to a river which the girls adored, we stayed up late drinking tea (!) and playing charades (!!) and we all agreed that, okay, we could tolerate this roughing it deal. The only bad thing was the cold when we went to bed, but more experienced campers have pointed out my errors so hopefully next time we go my face won’t freeze so bad I can feel my own breath. I may just take a balaclava just in case. That wouldn’t be weird, right? Me stumbling to the loo blocks in the middle of the night in pjs, jumper, wellies and balaclava…?

                  river Rock. Snerk.

The next trip is already booked!

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