Thursday, 20 August 2009

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Babe Stories

Madam is standing in front of me. She rings an imaginary bell.
“Ding Dong.”
“Who is it?”
”Trick or Treat” she cries.
”Oh, trick please.”
She stops, dumbfounded and confused. I laugh and try and explain…
”It’s trick or treat, honey”.
”Yes. Treat please!” She says smugly….

(Blame Nickelodeon and out of date programming for this one.)

I was reading a blog a week or so ago and chuckled at a specific antic. Blow me if The Babe didn’t do the exact same thing the other day…. She was colouring on orange paper with her crayons. She picked up the orange crayon, scribbled on the paper, stopped, looked at the crayon, scribbled again. Stopped. Looked at crayon.
“Is broken!”


This photo... I have no words. She doesn’t look too impressed either. Thing One’s attempt at… a face-painted creature of some description although I have no idea what.


Moving on…

Thing One has a new game with The Babe. We have a jewelled hairband, very pretty, belongs to Thing Two. The Babe thinks it is a crown and she is princess. Except if anyone else wears it, they are suddenly promoted to the Queen. The Babe will look... bow deeply... "Your Mas-jest-ey!"

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Camp Rock

We did try that “sleeping in a field” thing again, and… it wasn’t that bad actually. The Babe had to stay in the car until we were set up so she didn’t trip on the ropes again, the dog went to kennels, we checked the weather forecast and we used nice new tent.

                   tent Camp

Sunny and warm, we camped next to a river which the girls adored, we stayed up late drinking tea (!) and playing charades (!!) and we all agreed that, okay, we could tolerate this roughing it deal. The only bad thing was the cold when we went to bed, but more experienced campers have pointed out my errors so hopefully next time we go my face won’t freeze so bad I can feel my own breath. I may just take a balaclava just in case. That wouldn’t be weird, right? Me stumbling to the loo blocks in the middle of the night in pjs, jumper, wellies and balaclava…?

                  river Rock. Snerk.

The next trip is already booked!

Sunday, 2 August 2009






Yes we have two cats… here’s the other one…


The Babe loves the kittens… but loves her bed more. If they won’t move, she’s sleeping anyway.


This post has nothing to do with the fact that I have nothing of interest to say at all. Sigh.