Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Last Day…

… of school. And it RAINED! Even the weather is upset. Seven weeks. Oh dear lord. Seven weeks.

As for the rain. It may interest you to know there was some sort of seagull paddling in my street today. No, I don’t leave near the seaside. No, I don’t live near a stream or river. But there was a gull. Paddling. In. The. Street.

I’ve had such a productive few days. I have cleared an old office at work, which was chest high with crap, to turn it into a sitting room. Somewhere for everyone to have lunch, have meetings in comfort, for the kids to play in. I threw away, amongst others, a huge desk, three computers, a laptop, a giant TV, 3 pairs of curtains, about ten miles of assorted wiring, two stereos, sixteen video cassettes, 3000 payslip envelopes, two tents, 150 old price lists, 1997's Argos catalogue, a magazine from 1991.... You get the idea. I did have to chase Himself around to stop him grabbing rubbish and hiding it to keep. Like that magazine from 1991. Seriously. Man, that guy can hoard. If I die first he is going to become one of those men who have to dig through piles of tat just to get to the bed!

Anyway, there is now a lovely empty room, ready to decorate and furnish. Thing One has asked if she and her friends can do it. We give her a budget and just leave her to it. Ha. I said no. She said “The summer holidays start tomorrow. I give it 3 days before you change your mind just to get rid of us”.

I’m already considering it….

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