Thursday, 23 July 2009


In answer to yesterday’s question – Yes. Yes it is. And here is the proof.


Now okay, it’s almost impossible to see. But if you squint and turn your head sideways you can just see the bruising and swelling on the right (her left). They have no idea if it is actually broken, because of the swelling, but it is possible apparently. Marvellous.

Oh, and this is her “See my smile, Mumma, is orange!”

Now you may notice a slight difference in the tone here, compared to last year’s rather hysterical post. That is because I have decided that my children are totally and utterly clumsy and accident-prone and there is no point getting upset at each and every bump anymore. I have no idea where they get this trait from – it must be Himself’s influence.

In other news, today for dinner we had baked potatoes. I washed and scrubbed them, threw them on a tray and proceeded to merrily stab each one with wilful glee. As you do. Raise arm and swoop down to STAB. And AGAIN. And AGAIN… and oh my that smarts a little, and look I have stabbed my thumb and the knife is stuck tip first in the bone and oh wow that really hurts now….

I am not a klutz.

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