Monday, 13 July 2009

Just One More?

One great thing about the End of Year at school is reading reports, attending Award Ceremonies, and all the fun days they plan to reward students for their hard work. (In an ideal world, anyway).

Sometimes I do get a teensy bit put out with the lack of warning given (Hey, come see your kid this week, we don’t care about your childcare or work or whatever, just drop everything and come dance attendance. Oh and whip up a fabulous costume overnight while you are at it, and bake us a dozen fairy cakes….) Cough. Sorry. Bit of bile there.


Here is Thing Two, at a multi-cultural day. We were aiming for the idea in the small insert, and I don’t think we did that badly…. Doesn’t she look great?

Earlier in the week, she’d also participated in a Music Recital. Now, the last time I heard Thing Two play the recorder she was massacring the scales, reaching notes that made the dog come to heel for the first time in his life. It was painful. So at the assembly, I sat gamely, squaring my shoulders, fixing my proud maternal smile in place and prepared to applaud my daughter regardless of what she actually did.

And she blew me away. I couldn’t even take a picture, never mind record it. She played, beautifully, Jazzmania, My Heart Will Go On and Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. My girl. She did so good.

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