Monday, 15 June 2009

In Which I Have A Nervous Breakdown

“Oh for Goodness sake. If you are going to cry then you can’t come. Stop sniffing. Sigh. Just stop it, stop it now, or you are staying home!”

Harsh? Maybe. But Thing One didn’t want me crying all over her when I dropped her off at school for her trip to Barcelona and needed me to pull my act together. So I sucked it up, and didn’t cry… until after I had dropped her off and got home, anyway.

Can I quickly point out to Barcelona airport that YOU SUCK!? Checked their online arrivals to ensure she had landed safely. No report. Checked again. Nothing. Checked again. “This flight has been delayed or cancelled”. That is…. not good.

Checked her departure airport. Their departures board only shows flights leaving soon, not those already left. Gah. Phone their flights information line. Automated. “Please state the flight number”. Did so. “I’m sorry, I don’t understand you. Please type the flight number into your handset.” Okay. “There are no flights at that time.” What? I didn’t say anything about the time. “Would you like to check a different time?” Fine. Say the time. “You are checking flights to Cairo. Is that correct?” Headdesk. No! “Please state destination.” Barcelona. “I’m sorry, I don’t understand you. Are you a Martian?”


Repeat the above several times. Yes, really.

Send incoherent email to Posh and Ally. I may have mentioned that my daughter was “lost in space”. Ahem. {Blush}.

She has arrived now, since she texted me to say so. But the online arrivals board? Is still showing that the flight hasn’t even left yet. I think I’ll get drunk the day she flies back.

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