Saturday, 13 June 2009

Going Away

‘Fess up. Whose asinine, foolish, stupid idea was this? Who thought that it would be okay for my First Born to go on a school trip – not just across a few town boundaries but across international borders?? I know it wasn’t my idea, I remember saying a very firm no before Himself over-rode me. Maybe now he’ll realise that my decisions are right and his are wrong? Because in less than 48 hours time my baby is getting on a plane and flying away from us. And it is killing me!

Actually, apart from all the mental anguish, the “whatifs” (which need to be buried in a very deep pit and not brought to light again until she is home), the simple logistics of it are bugging me too.

They must take, for example, exactly this amount of clothing, including this amount of towels, this amount and type of footwear and must pack it all in a space exactly 30x15x15 which isn’t actually all that big you know.

They must bring a packed lunch for the first day including a drink stored in a clear re-sealable container of less than 100ml. Which is physically impossible, but hey.

Worst of all, though, is that I must have her packed and ready to leave the house at 5.30am. Aaarrgghh. Do you remember the days when you only ever saw 5.30am as maybe a bit late, on the way to bed after a good night? And not as a ridiculously early start? 5.30am. Ugh.

I’m still looking for an excuse to ground her for some minor infraction, because I’m telling you – she is not going. Sniffle.

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Lil Sis said...

it isint that bad, remember all the trips we went on? Ok scratch that thing one is grounded!!