Tuesday, 23 June 2009


What do I hate the most?

Well yes, okay, moths rank up there quite highly.

Yes, fine, I detest rudeness.

Counting years… yes, that too.

But above all else, what makes me the most uncomfortable? Yes, you in the fuchsia? Talking about myself, right! And right now I am having to write 100 words about myself for a charity. It is taking forever. I’m on sentence two, which has been re-written 16 times already. Sentence one needs polishing too.

Why am I labouring this so much? I can witter on mindlessly here. Why can’t I do the same THERE? I’ve actually come here... to talk about myself, natch… as light relief. The thing is, you see, is that this has to be a positive piece and who in hell is comfortable bragging about themselves? I can do self deprecating as easily as breathing. Belittling is easy. Commendation… well isn’t that just a touch conceited?

There’s a reason I work for myself you know. I can’t write my own C.V. either (resume for those of you on the wrong side of the pond). Sigh.

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