Saturday, 27 June 2009

All Three are the Charm

Thursday: The car. Finally. We bought a new car. We’ve only been looking for three months! However we found a car that fits all my requirements – especially that “made by Chrysler” thing - and it’s like driving a monster truck! Still, nice to have a reliable car so we can get away for weekends again.

Friday: Except we can’t. Get away for weekends I mean. Because last night we had a new arrival – and in all likelihood today we will be getting another! Unnamed, very poorly and very very young…

cat Here he is. Aww!

Name suggestions welcome please. Thing Two suggested Lolly and Pop. Thing One suggested Fish and Chips. Both are being ignored.

Saturday: Got back from taking poorly kitten to vet just now, and found a letter from Thing One’s school. Any parent with older children know The Fear these things bring, so I ripped it open and… she’s been nominated for an award. Oh my… {sniffle}…. am so proud.. can’t speak….

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