Sunday, 10 May 2009


The thing with regular blogging is that quite often you have absolutely nothing to say, because your life is either just that CRAP or you just have that much crap going on which is too depressing to write down. And the funny runs away and quivers under the bed lest you flog it and churn out even more crappy not funny jokes and the punctuation and grammar join it and become this huge Monster-Under-The-Bed with flailing furry arms that is called Snortimer. But Snortimer is afraid of the light so you can't even haul him out and use him as a teddy bear so what use is he?

But, you know. It's a BLOG. You have to write it.

So. Write, write, write. Type, tip tap type. Insert thoughts from my head here. My tummy is full from my dinner but I still need to eat one wafer thin after dinner mint. I wonder if the girls did their homework? I wonder where Himself has gone? COME BACK! I didn't REALLY eat that wafer thin mint. Yet.

The sun is out which is typical because it was piddling down this afternoon but now that the shops are shut the sun comes out, which is no bloody good because I can't go out shopping now can I?? Not that I enjoy shopping that much but it's my birthday/anniversary this week so Himself and the Rabble need to go buy me a card. If they know what is good for them.

It's the 16th Anniversary of my 21st Birthday, in case you were interested.

Oh and I didn't mention that the dog got sick and had an operation, but he is fine now anyway, thanks for asking. Stitches are out now and he is behaving as usual - lolling around as if even breathing is too much effort interspersed with periods of insane manic activity.

I still have nothing to say so will shut up now and go away before you notice that I am talking crap and oh why am I still typing just stop now please. Ok.

(Inspired post.)

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