Tuesday, 5 May 2009

My Holiers!

We’ve had the most amazingly relaxing weekend! Even the children were perfectly behaved, adorable and entertaining. Of course, I didn’t give birth to 2/3rds of them which may account for that.

Posh, Ally and I – and our toddlers – had managed to sneak away sans husbands and older kids. We spent a blissful four days secluded in a secret cabin in the middle of nowhere, drowning our woes in copious glasses of alcohol and mopping up the remains with some wonderful food - and occasionally dunking ourselves in a steaming hot tub.

The Babe opened her eyes our first morning there and gazed around. “This is not my home.” she stated matter-of-factly.

“No, Babe.. we’re on our holidays,” I told her - whereupon she flung herself out of bed to find “my fwends, mummy” and the toddlers never stopped playing until they dropped, exhausted, into their beds each night, leaving us adults to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside.


Our last night there we were immersed in the hot tub, having reached that particular state of squiffiness that leads to intellectual  conversations – to whit, the difference between chauvinism and chivalry. I quote “Well, ya know.. wor ah mean is.. well.. yeah…” to which we nodded sagely, thinking the speaker profound. You know what that’s like.

I popped out to check on The Babe, patting a particular lump in the bed… that wasn’t her. Just bundled up duvet. Hmm. Is she here, pat pat? Here, pat pat? I turned on the lights – no Babe! I flew into the sitting room “There’s no baby in my bed!” I gasped. The other two looked at me – and we collapsed in giggles. Pushing and shoving we all ran back to my room, snorting and shoving hands into our mouths to stop the explosive laughter, as we found The Babe face down, snoring beside the bed, having rolled out in her sleep and not woken.

It was bliss. I highly recommend a girlie weekend away to make you lose your blues, at least for a bit!


Oh, the high life….

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Jo said...

That sounds like too much fun! I need one of those!

O.O Babe's disappearance!