Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Men are useless. Can I get a Hell Yeah, or will anyone dissent? {Counts hands} Motion carried!

I've never actually left my children before, apart from a single night when my father was dying and a brief two night stay giving birth to The Babe. They have left me, many times, to go to camps or sleepovers or whatever. Himself has gone on business trips and holidays without us. But me? No. So escaping with Posh and Ally was a surreal feeling.

I cooked meals and froze them, ensured there were enough clean undies, helped the girls plan their social lives ("What do you mean you are going away and leaving us with Dad? Right, I'm staying with my friends, you can collect me on your way home!").

And what did he do?

He went out on Friday and bought enough disposable plates bowls and cutlery to last the weekend.

He ordered takeout for every meal that he had to cook (read defrost and re-heat. I'd already cooked!). Even breakfast was at McDonald's!

He roped in his sister to help him on the only day he actually HAD the girls.

He neglected to do any laundry - in fact there was some unsorted clean laundry in our room which he covered with a duvet cover "to stop the animals getting on it". Why he didn't just fold it and put it away I don't know.

Oh, and he forgot to ensure the girls did their homework until I was actually driving home.


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Cadiva said...

Ouch, what was the punishment for such a dereliction of duty?