Friday, 15 May 2009

Interview with a Toddler


Hey Babe, can I ask you a question? “In a minute.………. hang on……. yeah?” (Hmm. This lack of respect thing is starting younger and younger).

Ready? What is something Mummy says to you? “Hug ME!” (Well. OK.)

What makes Mummy happy? “Me” (Awww! No false modesty this one.)

What makes Mummy sad? “Me” (Oh.)

Can Mummy make you laugh? How? “Not be horrible a me.” (Hurrumph)

How old is Mummy? “Years! A’ you finished?” (No pocket money for 5 years!)

How big is Mummy? “Bigger than me” (Ten years!)

What does Mummy want to do? (Wanders away, picks up some Top Trumps). “Play cards.”

What is my job? “Cleaning up mess” (Grrr.)

What is my favourite food? “Red” (Guess she is distracted now?)

What do we do together? “Dance” (That’s a yes then).

Are we the same? “Yes. I playing”

Are we different? “No. You playing”

Do you know I love you? “Yes”

What do you want us to do together? “Turn the TV on! Come on, mum, come on.” (I guess she has had enough.)

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