Wednesday, 1 April 2009

No Foolin’

Happy April First! Inspiration failed me this year, but a last minute rallying of the brain cells helped inspire me to, if I say so myself, the pinnacle of silliness.



No, I didn’t put ex-lax or tabasco in the cupcakes! I went way better than that. Those cupcakes are an assortment of icky green “snot” cake topped with green “slime”…. and meatloaf topped with mashed potatoes. Mwah ha ha!


Himself’s face was an absolute picture. He picked up a cake and weighed it his hand in surprise. “Bit heavy” he said. “Oh, it’s a fruitcake fairy cake.” I improvised (I know!). So when he took the wrapper off, the dark bitty surface of the meatloaf didn’t quite have time to give the game away as he shoved it, almost whole, into his gaping maw mouth. As the unexpected taste hit him his mouth dropped open and an expression of disgust crept over his features. I laughed, and told him it was only meatloaf. Relief washed over his face as he chewed thoughtfully. “It’s not bad actually,” he said, “once your tastebuds know what to expect.” And then he reached for another.

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