Thursday, 30 April 2009


I need lists. I thrive on post-its. I have memo upon memo piled on my desktop. It’s a complete pigsty that looks like pure chaos but I know what is there. Unless people move things. Please don’t tidy my desktop because I’ll end up too confused. I can’t function without lists.

For example. At Christmas I write lists of people to send cards to. Lists of people I need to buy gifts for. Lists of the lists that the children have written. Lists of menus. Lists of groceries. Lists of decorations. Lists of the lists so I don’t lose a list.

Wait. You know this, I think. Oh yes. Maybe I should write a list of the things I have already written here?

{Gets sidetracked…}




Oh, are you still here? My point here was going to be that I’m going away tomorrow, for a long weekend with some friends. And I haven’t started writing my lists yet. And subsequently I have absolutely no idea of what I am doing and am internally panicking while externally procrastinating my sitting here.

I really need to start making my lists or I’m going to have to pull a sickie.

Memo to self: list of clothes, medicines, toiletries, food, activities, days out, telephone numbers….



Are you STILL here???


Katie said...

Have a fun time away..

Did you say that you like lists? Do you find the word "list" starts to look odd when you've typed it 26 times?

Jo said...

I can't deal with lists. Seriously. Do my head in. My problem is that since I had my thyroid removed, they seemed to have taken my internal list maker with it. So now I can't write it down and I can't rely on my brain's a nightmare...I need a list guru...any volunteers?!