Sunday, 26 April 2009

Dilemma Redux

So the previous entry turned out to be a bit of a non-event. Thing One and Thing Two bickered so much that they are both grounded. No sleepovers. All that angst for nothing.

This week I had an interview to volunteer with Home-Start, which is something I am ridiculously excited about! I even decided to treat myself to some non-denim trousers for this special occasion. I live in jeans, you see. I opened my purse to find that Himself had placed some cash and a little note in there as a surprise for me.. so I think I shall keep him. Even though he is really getting on my nerves otherwise.

With my extra cash I hit the shops, and I bought.. umm…. two school dresses for Thing Two, two school skirts for Thing One, some T-shirts and shorts for The Babe, and a baby Hello Kitty for The Babe. And, uh… nothing for me. Typical.

The interview went very well regardless, even wearing last year’s trousers.

Thursday, The Babe was sleeping late. I kept checking on her, making noise and leaving the lights on, but she lay in bed, eyes closed. Finally I ran my hand over her tummy “Morning Babe, wake up”.

“I am awake!” Came the indignant reply “My eyes are stuck!” Uh-oh. Sure enough her eyes were glued shut and we have been fighting conjunctivitis ever since. This is the bane of all nurseries, as you probably know, so I scored a day off work. Always a silver lining, huh?

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