Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Party Planner Extraordinaire, at your service. Available for hire for all your party planning needs*. Let me open my portfolio and show you some examples. Ah, here we go. Birthday Party. Thing One. Twelve years old.

Background. She and her friends adore virtual pets. And real pets but we limit those, they can have as many virtual ones as they like. Typical twelve year olds really. If it has fur - even just pixels of fur - it is automatically the cutest thing on the planet. So her party was based on a virtual pet site she likes.

Activities. Scavenger Hunt, following the clues from one to the next. Example of clue:

"Snow White and Rose Red
The owner of me wants them dead."

Answers in comments below. Other activities include various games from the site including a balloon popping extravaganza (2 hours to blow up two hundred balloons. 40 seconds for a horde of kids to bust the lot. Huh.), making crowns for the "pets" and a fabulous nail art boutique. Well - Silly and I, several pots of varnish and a few brushes. And boy did we do FAB. Thing One has her nails painted black with orange lettering, spelling her name on her nails, with flames on her thumbnail. Thing Two has blue nails, with black French tips and white hearts. Impressive, wot?

A friend from the States, the home of the virtual pet site, sent us a huge parcel of assorted pet paraphernalia - very grateful to friend! To decide who got what for their party bags we set up a rainbow wheel with numbered segments. Bit like a fancy dartboard. But I had no darts so instead the girls threw handfuls of cooked spaghetti at the wheel. The dog LOVED this game and sat under the wheel, jumping up at their badly aimed starches and wolfing them down. The girls enjoyed it too, best bit of the party. Flinging cooked pasta at my wall. What isn't to like?

Which is nice except I spent HOURS the day before baking and decorating and organising a banquet of gastronomic proportions. Humph. So I shall show you all my amazing food instead. I'm sure you'll appreciate it.

webkinz-food Look! Nachos, meatballs, GREEN pasta salad, devilled eggs, pigs in blankets, THREE different types of cupcakes. I spoil them kids, I really do.

I did good, I did.

Still shop bought the cake though.

*Not really.

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