Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I only did this because for some reason MissMoore wanted to know the particulars of my day, like "6am, roll over in bed and refuse to get up. 6.30am Ditto. 7am Ditto. 7.30am ditto". Actually, that could get repetitive so I'll just touch on the highlights...

Monday: Babe to doc first thing. No need for referral to hospital, even though she's had a few UTIs now, so yay. Then playgroup. Organise whip around and card sign for sick leader. Run to the village to organise birthday present for daughter. Have guest for dinner, so organise and start cooking, run to school to attend parents evening. Glow with pride when Thing Two's teacher gives a good report. Return home, eat, take guest home. More probably happened but it was two days ago, give me a break.

Tuesday: The Babe wakes in night again. I haven't had a full night's sleep in three weeks. Quote from email: Then she was awake again at 2am. EVERY night this is happening. I'm ok, I put her in with me and we go straight back to sleep, but I have no idea why she is doing it..... oh. Wait. Yes I do. I am sooo stupid. As I was writing "I have no idea" I ran through ideas in my head quickly, eg hungry, thirsty, warm, cold.. and suddenly got caught on cold. I put her in summer pjs while she was ill every night, thinking her fleece was overheating her and hence the cause of the fever. I have left her in summer pjs ever since. Like duh. No central heating at night, she won't sleep with covers and she is wearing summer pjs. I shall slap myself and save you the bother. Went to friend's for coffee then on to school run. Except it rained and I had no coat. Thing One called me, can I collect her from school. Collect her. She has a fever and a sore red throat. Fab.

Wednesday: Dose Thing One, send her to school. Wave Himself off to work, and revel in peace and quiet. How come on the days I am alone I am ready so early I get to sit down and read my email? And on the days he is here we are invariably running around like headless chickens at 8.45? Watch a little scene played out by Thing two and The Babe. Babe asked Two for her dummy.. not THAT dummy, the orange dummy. Two contorted herself into all sorts of positions to find it and ended up half way under the sofa. Babe just grinned evilly, picked up a cushion and said "oh there it is" and popped orange dummy into her mouth....


Take Thing Two to school and return with Babe and extra toddler. Entertain toddlers while toddler parent is at dentist. Buy biscuits and milk. Fill biscuit tin. Collect Horde of Raveners from school. Watch biscuit tin empty as if by magic. Think I'll start charging entrance fees at the front door. I'm currently typing, blowing up modelling balloons and fixing the eye on a broken teddy. I am woman, I can multi-task! I need to go to work tonight, leaving Himself to tidy up from the invaders. Life is sweet sometimes.

Thursday: Ok, so the rest of the week hasn't happened yet. Planning ahead we have World Book Day tomorrow. Need a costume for school, heroine or villain. Help. There's a book swap and a book fair.
Friday: we have a friend after school again, and youth club. Next week is Thing One's birthday, and Comic Relief (needing - oh what a surprise, a costume for school. The third one in as many weeks. Why did I bother buying uniform?).
Saturday: Sleep in, refuse to get dressed and order takeout to be delivered.

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