Friday, 20 March 2009


Sometimes you actually see Karma working right in front of you. Isn’t it sweet when that happens? Today I continued on my dull and dreary job of finding a new car. I drove to a garage, and pulled in to park. Their customer parking was packed.  No spaces anywhere. I had to turn and go back out. It took me, oooh, say 30 seconds to do that?

Impatient chap decided that 30 seconds was far too long. He watched me carefully reversing, trying not to hit anything, and he turned purple with rage. “Move your f’ing arse! Stupid f’ing b*tch. F off, F that, F the other.” I can’t give you verbatim, I do know that the, oh, say 10 seconds it took me to reverse out of his way he turned the air blue. And stayed blue as he cursed all the way past me. And me with The Babe in the car. Luckily she didn’t repeat anything.

I was steaming by the time I parked and walked into the showroom. I took a seat in the customer area. Impatient chap walked in. Impatient chap was the salesman. He saw me, and his face fell to his knees. “Hello”, I said pleasantly. “Did you get to wherever you were going in such a rush?” He sneered a little in bravado and tried to swagger away.

So I smirked, and sing-songed “I’d like to buy a new 7-seater car, please. But. Not. From. You. Can I see your manager, please?”

Damn. That was sweet.

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Ko said...

Oh wow that must be a moment to treasure :o)