Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Addition to the Family!

And he is so cute and so tiny... he's beautiful. I'm in love. And I don't even like rodents that much. Oh yes, the new addition? A hamster.

smudge And yes he IS a hamster, not a guinea pig, regardless of how close-up I took the shot, Posh! Isn't he cute? Only five weeks old, so we haven't handled him much, but when we do he is extremely hand tame and even affectionate. I think I'll keep him...

He belongs to Thing One. It is her birthday today! Happy Birthday, Poppet. She is twelve and I'm not even going to admit to any of the clichés or tired phrases. Just sob a little inside.


Oh, and a brag. The Babe learned to hop today! "Watch me mummy, I's popping!" So cute.

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