Saturday, 7 February 2009

What the HELL???

Whoever heard of having a temper tantrum in your sleep?? What kind of toddler throws a temper tantrum while snoring? I'll tell you - MINE!

Silly o'clock this morning. Perfect darkness. Perfect silence. Perfect snuggle down and snooze in bed time. Then came the sound that echoed around... (bonus points if you get that reference)..... a thwack as a dummy hit the wall and a disgruntled chuffing and huffing.

OK. She dropped her dummy. No problem, just go in and pop it back in her mouth, done, back to sleep. Stumble to her side. Tried to give her dummy back, and hear "No, I don't want no dummy." I drew back in shock (because dude... poster child for future orthodonistry here, with dummy in permanent residence in mouth, one in each hand, one by her cheek, and others hidden at strategic points around the place just in case her mean mother ever swipes her dummies and throws them away). I drew back and she screams "MY DUMMY". Oh right. Lean forward. "NO dummy!!!" Sway a bit in tiredness prompting hysterical "Mine.. no.... mine... no.. arrgghhhhh".

Turn a light on to deal with stroppy toddler which is when I realise. Her eyes are closed. Her brows are furrowed but she is snoring between words. Bizarre!

We're used to her talking in her sleep. We ask her questions like who do you love most. She complains... "I'm cold" and imagines... "Play me Sis" and laughs and whinges. But this? This was a first.

I dealt with it the same way I deal with all tantrums. By pointing and jeering. I turned the light off and ignored her. I got back in bed and snuggled down, soothed to sleep by the lullaby echoing "Mine! No! Mine! No!....

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