Wednesday, 25 February 2009


I decided to give up sex, but Himself decided that he would become Pagan and wouldn't have to observe Lent if I tried that.

Thing One thought I should give up MSN, but I tried that and within 5 minutes I was shaking, snappy and panic-stricken. I craved adult conversation, I needed to talk with someone intelligent and sophisticated. So I signed in and substituted intelligent and sophisticated with Posh and Ally which helped a bit...

Actually I do know what I am giving up - I'm giving up pancakes! After last year's feeding frenzy, I got clever this year and actually cooked the pancakes and put them in the oven to stay warm so that I would get a pancake or two to myself. I also made the girls some dinner beforehand rather than just eating pancakes for tea, so I thought I wouldn't have to make 30-odd pancakes. Clever me, you know. Instead I made 24. Sigh.

(Tell me, by the way - do YOU have to make shaped pancakes? I made individual letters, animals, and people. Why do I do this?? I have no idea.)

Thing One is giving up spending money (no idea how she thinks she'll be going swimming tomorrow without paying to get in...) She is saving to go to Spain next term (damn but school trips are way cooler now than they used to be)*.

Thing Two is giving up... making decisions. Ask her what she is giving up, go on, I dare you. "I DON'T KNOW!!!" she cries, fed up with being asked.

Thing Three, aka The Babe, should give up Peppa Pig and Barney just because I am so sick of them. Please. A blanket forty day ban on Cbeebies, Disney, Nick Jr and Cartoonito sounds idyllic to me.

What are YOU giving up?

(*Do you think I ought to give up using parentheses and footnotes?)

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