Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Hide and Seek

With a twist... The children have turned out all the lights (and yes, I am typing by the ambient glow from my screen. Aren't you impressed??). They each have a torch. They are taking turns to find a place to hide in the dark and to seek with a torch. It appears to be fun, in the screechy way that girls have.

However, The Babe doesn't quite get it. She stands in the middle of the room and stuffs the lit torch down her top - what? It's dark. You can't see me.... Failing that, all you have to do is say "Where are you...?" and she pops up - "I here!".

Her turn to seek is fun too. I take her away and we count...
One... wun.
Two.... too.
Three... I go find now?
Not yet. Three... feee.
Four... For, I coming!"
Not yet sweetie. Five... Ready not, come!

OK, fine, go.

(Oops. Interrupted there when Himself walked in, hitting the child who was hiding by the front door. He thinks we had a power cut. With me sitting by the ambient computer screen. Power cut.)

The Babe runs wildly, waving her torch into each and every corner. Ceiling corner. If they were hanging like bats she'd have them every time. The idea of shining the torch down? Not filtering through yet.

It's a good job the Things and their friends are tolerant!

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