Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Catch up!

Poke... poke... are you there? Poke. Sorry, were you sleeping? I was busy, I didn't forget you or nothing.

'Twas half term. I have no idea why children can't go to school year-round. Thing One went to Geek Camp, and came home so muddy that I had to actually throw away half of her suitcase. She enjoyed it so much she wants to go again. Big change from the morning she left when she cuddled up and didn't want to go... She was so full of "abseiling, quad biking, climbing, night hiking" and a whole bunch of other stuff that I had to nap just after listening to her.

My mother planned a visit to coincide with Thing One's arrival home, which was nice. Except she couldn't find her tickets to tell me when she was arriving... and her text failed to arrive to tell me when to collect her.. and she ended up getting a cab from the station. Great. Guilt induced apologies queue up in my mouth - except it was her fault so why do I feel bad?? She arrived at my door, with a grin - I brought you a surprise she declares - and my sister and my nieces poke their heads around the corner. Yay! And all day I suddenly came out with "so that is why you couldn't find your ticket, didn't text me to collect you from the train...". Because I'm just that quick.

We also met up with Posh before school re-started, who decided she didn't like my boots. Well there must be some reason she decided to walk the soles off them! Everything we wanted to do was "oh, that's just across town". We arrived and mooched, but the shops we wanted were "just across town". The restaurant she wanted was "just across town". The park for the children to play in was... you get the idea. I walked past a certain beloved bookstore SIX times - and I didn't go in once, aren't you proud of me?? I think next time I shall bring roller skates.

So now you're up to date with me. How have you been? Did you get that nasty wart looked at? Hold on while I find a comfy chair and you can tell me all about it...

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