Thursday, 12 February 2009

Bossy Britches

I'm getting slightly fed up by the constant fighting of my children.

"I'm sitting there!"
"I'm sitting there. MOVE!"
"Hurrumph... Muuuum."

Oh, for Goodness' sake. Babe, STOP PICKING ON YOUR SISTERS. Now the little madam has the prime seat in the house and the older two are sitting on the floor. There is something not quite right here...


She's also eating a Danish pastry bigger than her face.

Oh! And this morning decided her name was Rhubarb and she wouldn't answer to anything else. I was Orange. And she got stroppy when I didn't reply. So the school run was fun this morning - "Rhubarb, hold Orange's hand darling!"

I think we did something wrong. She's turning into a proper Bossy Britches. And Himself promised me it would be Third Time Lucky and we'd get a nice kid this time around. Sigh.

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