Sunday, 15 February 2009


Good Morning!!! Happy Sunday! It is.. checks clock... 05.48 exactly. GMT of course. None of the namby pamby BST here yet. I have been up for exactly 2 hours. Hurrah for me! I am a bit punch drunk I think, so am coming to share my hilarity with you.

Of course, now I actually turned the computer on, all my one liners have drained away. All the clever and witty little bon mots I had composed in my head? Gone. Must have been .. words... gone... bugger.

I'm hungry.

Oh! Guess what I had! Malt loaf, yummy. On Friday I think. I blame Posh and Ally for all my bad food choices, by the way. If they hadn't continually tempted me all week I should have been wiser. If I take up an ENTIRE hot tub all my lonesome it'll be their fault.

Oh! Her majesty calls. One sec.

Oh. Yeah. I'm not up with insomnia. Hell no. I could sleep on a washing line today. Tonight? Whatever. No, The Babe is poorly. She's been a bit funny all week and finally tonight (this morning??) her fever came out. She's 38.1 after appropriate cooling measures. She can't sleep so I'm up. In exactly 4 minutes I can wake Himself up, the night shift will officially be over. Hurray. (It's 05.57 now. No I didn't take that long to type (Heh, I just typed "typeo". Heh.) I'm entertaining Madam too.


Counting down to 6am when I can wake him.

Wonder what time McDonalds does breakfast?

Come ON clock.


Shall I gently call him? Or jump on the bed with the lights on, screeching like a baboon? You KNOW which I'm going to do don't you???

Yay. 6.00. Night night xxx

PS. This was copied from an email, because I am so tired (and lazy). The babe's fever broke and she is much better now.

PPS We had pizza for dinner. Far to tired to cook. Blame Posh and Ally for me choosing pizza too.

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