Monday, 5 January 2009

Winter Blues

Pull up a chair, Dear Reader, and I'll tell you a story.

Once upon a midnight dreary... well ok. It was 8am, not midnight. I was trying to set a mood, people!

What a grotty start to the week though - my sitting room clock is wrong so I thought it was 8am when I left the house with Thing One to do the school run but it was 10 past! Also after two weeks off we had both completely forgotten the need to go out earlier and de-ice the car. By the time I cleared the ice, collected the other car-share kids and got to school it was 8.25, oops (register called at 8.30 sharp, so they had to run in).

Also today is my late father's birthday, so I had to stop at the cemetery on the way home from the school run, so was late getting home, so was almost late getting Thing Two to school (8.57!!). AND I forgot to give Thing One her next installment of the fees for geek camp which are due today. I did remember both girls' PE kits though so do I get brownie points for that??

Later, at school collection time I left the dog in the house while i popped to the Primary to collect Thing Two and Himself drove to the Senior school to give Thing One her Geek Camp cash.

Anyway. Aaaarrgghhh. I hate my dog! He destroyed some of The Babe's unwrapped but unopened presents and my curtains. AGAIN. He was alone for less than an HOUR for God's sake! Just because we've been at home for 2 weeks he decides being alone is unbearable? I don't ruddy think so. Arthritis or no arthritis he can go to his kennel when we go out.

And I had to run into town to buy pigging CURTAINS!!!

Oh, and see that eldest of mine, the selfish horrid Thing One? The one who knew her dad was waiting outside to give HER some money for HER geek camp and give HER a lift home? The one who called me to let her go to her friend's house after school?? Yeah. Not happening. Brat.

AND! My youngest? The one who stropped all the way home so that Himself and Thing One got home before me even though he had to wait for Thing One to come out of school, go into school with cash, come out of school and then fight cross town traffic?? Yeah.
Not talking to her either. Mind, the fact that I had left my house key
at home so couldn't get in anyway until they got home...

See Thing Two? I love Thing Two.

The week will get better, right? Right?

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